Who Actually Matters?

What Changed?

When exploring the concept of media ownership, it was imperative to look at who matters in the world of media ownership. Within Australia, we see a variety of media owners and this is due to the broadcasting reforms that have just been recently updated by the government.

The Issue…

Many have anxieties based on media ownership. From a historical point of view, we see that media control and ownership can be dangerous when a single person or party has full influence on what is produced and broadcasted to a nation. Nazi Germany, in particular, showcases the biggest issue when it comes to an individual controlling the media. Hitler and his party were able to mass produce hateful messages towards the Jews and encourage a hate through his propaganda.

The public learned from this experience that when an individual was able to take over the media production and use it as a brainwashing method. Since this time, rules and regulations have been put in place to stop such issues arising ever again. Though these reforms are in place, anxieties still exist due to not a large number of media owners.

The Monopoly Effect 

One way to look at media ownership is through the metaphor of a monopoly board. The players are media owners and it represents the limited number of companies that own media in countries such as America and Australia. Media Monopoly refers to this idea of a select few companies controlling the newspaper, tv and radio. So why is this an issue?

With Monopoly Media in effect, audiences have little say on what information is being fed to them through the three main sources of traditional media. Now, however, many people are not reliant on these forms of media as they are able to access social media and other platforms on the internet where they can gain a variety of views on the news and what is going on around the world.

This being said, with a variety of views and outlets for the same stories, a question is posed. How much of the news we get, that isn’t from traditional/ ‘credible’ news sources, is actually true? The internet is a wonderful place where people can speak their minds and comment on worldwide issues, but this doesn’t mean everything you see and read is true. With this in mind, it is essential audiences get into the habit of fact-checking news, whether it is from traditional or non-traditional sources! The media doesn’t have to be scary, as long as you are aware of what you are consuming as an audience.

More Than the Eye Can See



Artworks by Paweł Kuczyński


There is so much more to the simplicities of life than what the majority of us actually take the time to see. This exact concept becomes present in so many media types and especially art. Semiotics, the science of signs, is a media theory which explains how audiences interpret meaning in pieces of media. It works as simply through encoding and decoding a message which is explained further in the encoding and decoding model. In conjunction with encoding and decoding, media theorist Saussure has used the signified and the signifier to further explain the way we interpret media.

What a Picture is Worth

I have sourced a number of satirical artworks from the artist Paweł Kuczyński which showcase so much more meaning than what you originally see. Kuczyński’s work accurately represents the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, by layering a multitude of meanings to all of his works. His works aim to make a statement and to shock the public, forcing them to think about the world they live in.

Take the Time

Many do not take the time to be really influenced by artwork and to figure out their deeper meanings. When I first came across this series of images I thought nothing much of them until I really looked at them to try and decipher what the artist was trying to tell me. The artwork that stood out to me the most was the grandfather clock in the graveyard.

At a glance, the unique artwork looks like as though a grandfather clock stands idly by a grave that is half dug. But what is it really trying to say? In simple terms, the artwork is trying to portray how time is eating away at our lives. Time is the one constant in our lives and it is the reason we age and why (without trying to seem morbid) we die.

Anyone can find their own meanings in Kuczyński’s artworks and that is why his art is so influential. The grandfather clock artwork is thought-provoking and represents how fickle life can be. What I gain from this piece, is to spend your time wisely on this earth. It is all good and well to work, eat, sleep, repeat, but everyone should know that this is not truly living your life to the fullest. What I gain from this artwork is different to what someone else may take away, but that is the beauty of art. It influences us all in different and similar ways.


Front Row please…

I clearly remember the voice of the man who ushered me towards my seat. I had just walked into Fox studios for The Voice Blind Auditions 2018 and I was not prepared to be put right in the public eye.

How Was I To Know

When you get free tickets to a concert, movie, theatre production etc. You never really expect that the seats you have been provided are usually any good. How was I to know that this time would be the complete opposite? I was not prepared to be sitting in the front row of The Voice Blind Auditions or for what I was going to have to do during the show. There is a lot more to being an audience member than one may think, clapping and screaming for a couple hours straight is actually a hard job. It hadn’t really hit me until I heard the words “You four… Front row please”, that I was going to be a part of a large media audience where it was inevitable… My face was going broadcast across Australia.


A Deer in Headlights

You never really know what happens behind the scenes and in between the ad breaks when you are an audience member from the comfort of your own couch. I had the unique luxury of being in a ‘live’ audience, but I was incredibly lost. I was definitely underdressed and too close to the camera for comfort. I remember hearing “If you are in the front row, you WILL without a doubt be on television”. Not that this was necessarily a problem, I always loved the stage, bright lights and camera but that night I was a deer in headlights. I had no clue what to expect or if it was going to be enjoyable in the slightest and was shocked to be in the position I was.

audience 2

I Cannot Lie

 I cannot and will not lie to you. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. The night was so special and it was all thanks to the people producing the show and making it all run smooth. I could say so much more about the performances and how down to earth the judges were but as The Voice is yet to air, I can’t leave behind any spoilers. One last note I will make if you ever have the chance to be in a live audience for a tv show, whether it be reality tv, sitcoms or talent quests like The Voice, I one-hundred percent recommend going. It’s not just entertainment, it is an experience which is far better than sitting on your couch at home.

“Hysteria is only possible with an Audience” – Chuck Palahniuk