Critical Reflection of Comments – Beta Edition

Okay here we go again with a critical reflection of Beta Comments for BCM325 – Future Cultures. Its week 12, and we are all in the thick of perfecting our DA’s for submission. Some last minute tips and helpful insights is what we all need right now and this is what I came up with.

Firstly I comments on Emma’s Beta Pitch which is a DA I commented on way back in the beginning of semester. Chae is a business which has a magazine that looks into a variety of topics but wanted to add to this in line with what we have learnt over the semester in this subject. In the Beta they mention adding Tik Tok to gather a larger audience and become multi-platformed. They have also been uploading “sporadic” podcasts.

Emma’s (Chae) Comment:

I first looked at this DA when it was just a pitch and it’s awesome to see how far you’ve come since then. I think we all struggled at the beginning of the DA process to connect it clearly back to lecture materials but I can see how you’ve looked into using skills from a futurist perspective to develop your podcasts. This article looks at the history of forecasting and its relevance in futurism which is connected with both the lecture content and what you DA is focusing on

By branching into Tik Tok I think you will find a greater audience that will able to interact back and push more ideas, similar to our live-tweeting for the rest of the subject. You’ve done an awesome job so far and can only see improvements from here on out. Congrats!

As I commented on this project in its inital pitch ideas, its been amazing to see the project grow. This comment I really tried to pull out where they are connecting to course content and give a source that in this case appealed to both course content and to specifics they are implementing in the DA. I tried finding further sources but was unsure of how else to assist as they have a very steady plan that it extremley well thought out.

Alex’s DA is now focusing on 1 minute Tik Toks that develop the ideas of AI in other science fiction films. Originally she started blog posts but found they were not engaging for herself or others. Her struggles with views are understandable and in my comment I opted to use my own knowledge to maybe help out.

Alex’s Comment:

This DA is not only perfect for this subject but also incredibly interested. One I am interested in myself. AI throughout BCM325 has been an ever-present concept we have dealt with since the beginning weeks. By utilising this knowledge, you have created an engaging project that not only BCM student will find entertaining. Tik Tok is a perfect platform especially since there is a strong fan base presence for various movies and series that can be used to your advantage.

To bring both your platform and subject content together, I found an article about how Tik Tok themselves uses AI which could be interesting to weave throughout your other videos to elaborate further on lecture content

I hope this helps, and don’t be too disheartened by views as sometimes the Tik Tok algorithm is hard to crack but you never know when your next post will blow up! Can’t wait to see what else you do!

This DA was super interesting to me so I had many ideas that could be of use. I wanted to keep it short and sweet however, as we are in our final stages. Again in this comment I reflected on class content and found a source that was both platform related and aligned with the subject of AI.

Lastly, I commented in James’ Beta Pitch for his DA in ‘Forecasting the Forecast Factories’. This was a DA I wasn’t familiar with but gathered he was making videos to delve into what factrory types games will look like in the next 50 years. Though he mentioned uploads have fallen behind, I was still able to leave some feedback.

James’ Comment:

Hey James, I think this is a really interesting topic and is grounded nicely in lecture material such as forecasting and futurism. 50 years is a very long way in the future and I am keen to see your thoughts on how different these types of games will look in the future. I think going even further and looking at how VR and Cyberspace might affect these specific games would work really well too.

This article is specific to manufactory type games and how to make them fun again for the future. Maybe it will give you some further ideas.

Good luck with the upload schedule!

This comment I opted to give some ideas on what other course content he could relate to his digital artefact on top of the concepts he already has/plans to talk about. I also provided a source that looks at factory gaming and how to make them fun again which is something I thought would be useful when looking into the future. Though I could have added more ideas and feedback, again, as we are close to the finish line, overwheling students with too many ideas and concepts would be counter productive.

Overall, I think my comments this round were more rooted in course content and drawing out ideas from what we have learnt in the subject so far. I think I have improved in the way I give feedback but I am sure there is more room to grow.

Until next time……

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