BCM325 – Beta Pitch… Future of the Movie Industry

Created with Canva by Taylah Ide-Miller

As I have already completed all the research for the website, from now until week 13, I will be fine tuning the website and writing some more content and editing the content I already have prepared. As I am not as far along as I wanted to be, I have my work cut out for me. However, I am motivated and excited for what the finished product will look like. I feel as though the changes I have made to the project are beneficial and will act to acknowledge the concepts we have looked at in BCM325.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think and further improvements that I can make before Week 13.

Reference List:

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3 thoughts on “BCM325 – Beta Pitch… Future of the Movie Industry

  1. First of all, the website looks wonderful. Do you have prior experience making websites? If not, you could’ve fooled me. I’m keen to see the final outcome of this website because I myself am very invested in film culture and its future. I see you mentioned the post-Covid world in your research slide and I’d be very interested in you having a section devoted to that topic and its subtopics; physical cinema, on-demand streaming, online rental and purchasing, and what parts of the industry are at risk of becoming defunct. Of course, as we’ve learnt in class, science fiction films love to predict our future in mildly disturbing ways. Using that topic will allow you to mesh in our lecture content in a genuine and organic way.

    You’ve taken on a very large project and I’m glad you moved away from video essays. I tried to do a giant video essay series for a DA in 2019 and it’s simply not a “FIST” (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) option. Cost isn’t just money but also time. I’m glad you switched early!

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