BCM325 – Pitch Comments and Critical Self Reflection

I feel as though I am a veteran at commenting on peoples pitches now I am in my fourth year. Posing questions, giving critical feedback and providing sources that could help with the DA, or in general be of interest in regard to the idea. For this subject, we do all of this within the lens of Future Cultures and all the concepts surrounding this.

The first comment I made was on Bronte’s Pitch idea. Her idea looked at making a short horror film based on mental health. The idea also includes contextual blog posts looking into the future of her project. I really engaged with this idea as mental health is a passion of mine. I am also an avid film lover so it was easy to get her some suggestions and pose some ideas that could help her with the project.

Bronte’s Comment:

Hey, this is a really interesting pitch!

I myself are very passionate about mental health so a short horror film making mental health as the object of the films ‘foul play scary factor’ sounds really fascinating.

I found this journal article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4830464/ which talks about the future of what mental health will look like, and how social media is affecting it majorly. Maybe this is something that you could address in your blog posts or even include in the film. Like the dark character popping up after scrolling through Twitter or Instagram?

I don’t know a whole lot about film making (not since year 10 drama) but to bring your film in line with some of the course content, maybe looking at how horror films have evolved could help with making almost a futuristic type piece. By futuristic, I don’t mean flying cars or lightsabers but more analysing trends to see what horror films might look like in the next 5-10-15 years, and create something that you think a horror film will look like.

Here is a link to a blog post about Horror films evolution. It poses a really interesting question at the end about the future of the industry that I think you might enjoy. https://blogs.library.american.edu/mediaservices/2020/10/30/the-evolution-of-horror-films-a-look-a-horror-movies-from-the-19th-to-21st-century/

Good luck with the project, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The second comment I made was on Emma’s post. Herself and two others are doing a joint digital artefact surrounding their business Chae. They are looking to create podcasts to post on their established social media platforms that surround the topic we cover in BCM325. As they already have an established idea I posed a few sources to assist with getting more traffic to their sites and making engaging content for their audience.

Emma’s Comment:

I honestly adore this DA idea.

By using the content from class to redistribute and have conversations about the topics, you are directly engaging with the course content and lecture material. Especially because this content will directly create discussions around the future.

As you already have a solid base for your DA, I think instead of giving your further sources about the course content, maybe some articles that will help you with marketing strategies for your accounts would draw more traffic to further the discussions you are wanting to have.

This Youtube Video looks at how to boost your Facebook page to get the best engagement or traffic. Whatever you think would suit best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7ers2RZxqA&ab_channel=HubSpot

Podcasts are a fantastic idea since you already have established platforms and audiences. From what I know you need a website to really get that engagement from these podcasts. This article gives you some tips to create the best kind of content for your page so you don’t lose your Chae focus or get too caught up in that focus either. https://castos.com/engaging-podcast-content/

I hope this helps and will definitely be checking out Chae.

The third comment I made was on Shuning Li’s blog post. This is another group project venture but looks at the Chinese trend of shop exploration, in relation to resturants and food places. I figured as this wasn’t really my expertise that i would do some reserach in food trends and how to find up and coming retail stores and food places. That way they could slightly alter their focus to make sure it aligns with future cultures.

Shuning Li’s Comment:

Hey there, I think this DA has a lot of potentials!

While I think the exploration element of your videos will be super engaging, maybe going to restaurants that are the “next up and coming” place to be would allow you to engage in concepts such as the future of popular culture. To help in finding these up and coming places, this article gives you tips on how to spot retail trends that are likely to be successful for businesses. https://tinuiti.com/blog/ecommerce/retail-trends-emerging/

As we have seen in recent years, fusion foods have become a large trend and continue to revolutionise the food industry.This link here highlights this idea and may give you some ideas as to where/which restaurants would be worth looking into. https://chefmahady.webs.com/apps/blog/show/3811270-fusion-is-this-the-future-of-cuisine

If you were interested in also cooking and showcases new ideas for what the future is to look like for food, this link will take to a slide show that gives some ideas and examples of recipes that they say are like tasting the future. https://www.allrecipes.com/gallery/these-fusion-food-mashups-are-like-tasting-the-future/

I personally don’t know a lot about shop exploration but am excited to see what this looks like in video essay form. Good luck guys.


For this subject I think I have grown in my comments and tried my best to provide insightful sources and give some feedback that could be useful for the future of their digital artefacts. For these comments I did find it difficult to directly relate it back to the course content as it was varied and quite specific. I think for my second comments, I will have a better overview of the content and how to apply it to different/ specific ideas. I know my own pitch was somewhat disconnected from the course content which I now know many people have been struggling with.

I opted for this round of comments to further their perspectives and suggest some way they could connect to the idea of future cultures. As most do not have an up and running digital artefact as of yet, I thought it was important to add to their ideas rather than critique what they are planning to do.

There is always however room for improvement, as there is with everything. Next time round I will be taking more time to do some more research into everyone da for a clearer focus but also have a closer look back over the course content to directly link some ideas.

Im excited to see where everyone’s ideas lead in the future 😉

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