BCM 313 Semester Reflection

This semester in ‘The Future of Work’ I have not only learnt a lot about Narrative theory and that the future will look like in the next 5-10 years but also a lot about myself. Though as a BCM student, I know we all seem to loath the reflective tasks, however, I cannot help but reflect on this subject and only think of happiness.

Yes, yes that may sound soppy but the wholesomeness (as seminar one would say) of this subject is beyond measure. The Narrative work we completed over the semester has actually helped me to be able to critically reflect on my work in a different manner.

The exercises we used throughout the semester not only has opened my eyes to the lives of others but also to learn about my own personal and professional values. The first assignment on personal reflection about a situation of work let me engage with the course content and my own memories and and hopes for work. By connecting narrative theories to my own life, I found the value in not only the subject material but the value in reflection itself.

When it came to the narrative interview assessment, I had the pleasure to interview my Nan. This was, and I can say this wholeheartedly, one of my favourite assignments to do. I connected on such a deeper level with her and learnt so much from her stories. The theories of outsider witnessing and double listening assisted me in particular with this interview where I was able to draw out her professional values and could connect them with some of my own.

This last final assignment I enjoyed for a different reason. The narrative CV allowed me to be creative, which is why I am apart of the BCM degree. The design of the resume and the stories I got to choose to demonstrate my skills really reflect who I am as a person. The research essay was particularly interesting to write as it relates to what our futures are going to look like and how, realistically anything could happen.

I won’t lie to you, before this subject I was terrified of graduating and having to face the full time workforce. I am still scared that robots might take over the world and that I won’t end up liking what I am studying to go into, but at least now I have a more realistic and more uplifting view of what I can accomplish once I leave uni.

Though I still have 1.5 years left of study, a lot left to learn before I go into a full time job, and more room grow as a human being, this subject has provided me if lifetime knowledge that I will never forget.

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