Interview and Presentation Reflection

I knew from the moment I got this assignment I wanted to interview Trish. Preparing for this interview I had high hopes and already some idea of what I was going to find out. As I mentioned at the end of the presentation I am more clued into her views in business and herself as she is my grandmother. 

Trish is a highly successful business woman that built her travel agency from the ground up. Not only was she able to get one business off the ground in North-West Sydney but another up in the central coast all within ten years. 

The theories of outsider witnessing and double listening drastically influenced how I analysed the interview with Trish, further extending my knowledge of her values and business practices. Hugh Fox quoted Carrey and Russel saying, “An important part of our identity claims will be the values that we wish to live our lives by.” When I told Trish what I thought her values are, she was excited and interested on why I thought as such from the story she told me. 

Michael White suggests that we are drawn to stories that resonate for us, and to which we have something to contribute. This idea is why Trish was the first person I thought about for this assessment. After all, I see so much of myself in this woman. My values are very much the same when it comes to my outlook on work and general outlook on life.

I structured my interview in a very talkative manner, simply, like a conversation between two people, to allow Trish to fully express herself, instead of coming up with pre-determined answers to my questions. I followed her lead, listening to her stories, asking her questions as the conversation continued, guiding the interview with a gentle hand. 

As the interview progressed I could see a few of her values shining through. Part of her reasoning for choosing travel was her interest in the world and learning about other cultures. Not only was she interested in learning all she could but she wanted to experience what the world had to offer in terms of business and travel. She values growth, growing her business to newer heights and growing with her family. Family. Her little boy and girl that aren’t so little anymore, her grandchildren. She mentioned that she would do anything for her kids and her grandkids, though she loved her business and everything that came with it, in a heartbeat she would have dropped everything for them. 

The last value I was able to draw out not only through her words but the underlying story. Independency. When I first brought this value to her, she sat and thought back about what she had told me and how I gathered this. She refused help from her parents and support system, insistent that she could be successful on her own. She acquired skills on her behalf, not wanting to rely solely on the education system to get her there. She is as independent as they come. 

Creating the presentation was interesting, I had to pick and choose the most relevant stories to accurately portray Trish’s values professionally. Her professional life and personal life are intricately woven together so using both types of stories to showcase her values. 

Reflecting on the experience of the interview, it really puts to practical use, the narrative theories learnt throughout the subject. I have done interviews before for research studies, learning through individuals stories however not gaining a full understanding of them as a person. Through outsider witnessing and double listening, I was able to analyse further into their stories, rather than take them at face value. 

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