Critical Reflection on Comments – BETA

Looking at everyone BETA projects has been a really interesting experience, watching how ideas have changed and process altered due to their online experiences. For this round of commenting I tried to go back to the original people I commented on to see their progress and what changes they had made or hadn’t made.

The first blog I commented on was Jessie Chiu’s Beta Project called Exploring the Online Game: Detention. My comment on this post was very simple as she had put some significant research into this project. I opted for offering some advice to watch some Youtubers that are playing the same game to give her further perspectives for the DA. I mentioned that she had a strong theoretical framework to work with and to continue on the path she has already made. In this case, I think I did my best to recommend some further action on where she can go and what she can do next. I could’ve probably tried to find further articles for her to read to add to her research but since she is expanding into Reddit and other social media platforms for ideas I figured Youtube would be the best way to go.

The second blog I commented on was Tobias Thomas’s Gaming blog, The Lime and Dry. He mentioned his issues with being able to promote his blog and having the motivation to push out the content he wants. I have some empathy for this as I am very aware that motivation has been rough without having someone there keeping you accountable. He mentioned potentially teaming up with someone else in the subject, which I recommended that it would be a really good idea to boost motivation. Not only this but a joint DA allows for different perspectives and further, more complex ideas for analysis. For the promotional aspect, I recommended that turning to Reddit may be the best idea as there are a plethora of subreddits such as r/Gaming and others for blogs and particular games where they can get instant feedback and an audience. I think this is the best advice I could give as there isn’t one set gaming text.

Lastly I commented on Jacky’s Beta Project which originally started out as a DA around Fall Guys but has been adapted to look at the party game Among Us. This project has a lot of potential but I had a few recommendations to help them in a more analytical framework. At the moment it seems to be a comparison between an experienced gamer vs a non-experienced gamer with some integrated history of party games. I have recommended that they could potentially use popular streamers of the game and analyses their strategies to find the best way to win as imposter or crewmate. By analysing these strategies they can then begin to implement them into their own game play. For this I linked them CORPSE’s streaming channel as he is known for BIG BRAIN imposter strats. I think this comment was helpful as it hopefully provides a more analytical way to look into the game rather than just an overview.

Overall watching how these DA’s have been developing has given me insight to my own DA as well. It is also comforting to now that I am not the only student having their issues and trying their best to navigate through these different online spaces. I’m excited to see the end result for everyones works.

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