I’m The Boss Now -BETA Project

Creating this project over the past few weeks have been super rewarding, challenging and definitely a learning curb. I have made mistakes, retried, failed and tried again. The beginning of the project started with some heavy research into Cuphead, rewatching different gaming channel play-throughs and analysing the animation styles of the game and how each of the bosses has unique attacks and styles. 

I researched various types of secondary sources and texts to not only explore the game design but also how to identify how each boss have a unique fighting style. My first read was Calma’s (2003) journal article that analyses the animation conventions of Walt Disney and Fleischer studios in the 1930’s (which is the style Cuphead was created).

The others were more recent sources explaining why the animation style was so important to the creators of the game and the boss schematics. Articles from the Verge and GameSpot have analysed more recently its continued fan base following and why this indie game paved the way for new game design styles. 

From this I was able to take inspiration from the unique style of animation and re-create them into makeup looks that heavily represent their signature aspects. During these small one minute videos, I was able to create voice overs analysing the game design, and the relevance as to why this was a critical to its success.

In total I created 5 videos however there became some major bumps in the road in the past week and a half. My account was hacked and most of my videos lost. I had backed up the first two videos enough so I could recover the footage and re-create the videos. 

Though the current journey has been difficult, I have loved learning new creative ways to film the videos for myself but also being able to discover the intricacies of game design. 

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