Critical Self Reflection of Comments

By browsing through the plethora of new and exciting digital artefact pitches it is interesting to see and reflect on their ideas and their relation to game media.

The first pitch that I commented on was Jessie’s Blog with the DA idea surrounding the historical context of a video game Detention. This was my first time ever hearing of this game but from watching her video and reading through her blog I was able to get a good understanding of what she wanted to do. Her aim is to showcase and investigate the historical context of the game and especially why it is significant to Western audiences. Her digital artefact is very well researched and specific, however as a part of my recommendation, I offered a journal article to broaden the artefact as it seemed to be for a very specific audience. The article showcases the potential of historical context in games and why they elevate the game and educate the audiences. The DA is highly academic based which means it is grounded within a lot of research. My comment aimed to help her in possibly breaking her ideas down further to give her target audience a more basic overview before getting into the important details of the game.

The second pitch that I commented on was Jacky’s that is a joint digital artefact around the game Fall Guys. The basic idea is to create content around an experienced gamer vs a non experienced gamer to see their trials and tribulations while playing the game. I have seen quite a lot of hype around the game recently on Youtube, TikTok and Twitch from a wide variety of gamers. I offered a few gaming channels that have recently been producing a lot of content on Fall Guys where they frequently play with others, like is suggested for this DA. As it will be a frequent series, I suggested a news article about the rise in watching online gamers in their play throughs. I figured this would just give some basic insight into why this form of content is quite popular these days. Lastly I recommended an article that described the importance of aesthetics in modern games, which Jacky mentioned would be a part of the content series they were producing. Overall I think I offered up some decent material that can be utilised in their DA and pushes them to look at outside research rather that just online streamers.

Lastly I commented on Tobias’ blog The Lime and Dry. This digital artefact will be a blog comparing games and their sequels with honest reviews and overall ratings of games he plays. During the comment, I gave him a gaming Blog that had similar content I believed that Tobias was getting ready to make. I figured this would be insightful as it could help him with how to effectively structure the blog to make it easier for audiences to engage with the content. I then also offered a different blog piece that ranked the Assassins Creed series of games and offered that this kind of content would also really work for the blog if he so chose. As there isn’t any particular game that he will be focusing on, I tried to give him options for content creation and other sources he could use to compare his unique writing styles to those blogs that have significant traffic.

I think overall the comment I left on the blogs offered actionable suggestions and sources that each student could use if they wanted to go in that direction. By giving an alternate perspective, I hopefully have given them an angle that they may not have considered for their own DA. 

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