I’m the Boss Now – Cuphead DA Pitch

The Idea


Cuphead is not only a game that can be played through the gaming platform Steam, but also in the past year made its way to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. There are multiple paratexts that are connected to the 1930’s inspired game including the up and coming Netflix show to be released sometime next year. Due to the current buzz around the game again is a large part as too why I have chosen Cuphead as the main game media to focus on.

Unity has created an entire case study on the game, including the meticulous process of unnamedall the game design elements. There are multiple scholarly articles surrounding the unique style 1930’s animation style that the game is so heavily influenced by which will work in conjunction with analysing the game design. Cuphead to this day is still one of the most popular indie games because of its unique playstyle, score and design. Erhett (2019) specifically looks at how the game design, its 1930’s esque cartoon animation, and the overall narrative to make a unique and modern game with little to no political agenda. 

Personally, I haven’t yet played the game but have watched multiple different playthroughs on Youtube so I have a good idea about the characters and how they interact with each other during the game.  Altogether there are 19 different bosses that are uniquely designed and have different abilities. These will be the main focus of the makeup looks by recreating some of their unique design elements through eyeshadow and branching into facepaint.

With a passion for makeup and my love for the animation style of this game, I feel as though I will be able to create a digital artefact that is not only informative about game media but also entertaining for multiple audiences and myself.

Ehrett, J 2019, ‘All Bets Are Off: The Subversive Line-Blurring Of Cuphead’, GNOVIS, weblog post, 29 May, viewed 4 September 2020, <http://www.gnovisjournal.org/2019/05/29/all-bets-are-off-the-subversive-line-blurring-of-cuphead/&gt;.

Unity n.d, Unity, Cuphead by StudioMDHR, viewed 4 September 2020, <https://unity.com/madewith/cuphead&gt;.

3 thoughts on “I’m the Boss Now – Cuphead DA Pitch

  1. So, Taylah I’ve personally never played Cuphead, but I do remember around the time of its release it flooding my gaming feed on YouTube. I also won’t lie until 2 weeks ago I hadn’t downloaded TikTok, but after watching your Pitch video I look into the Cuphead area of TikTok and found some pages you may or may not have already seen, that could be of some use, https://www.tiktok.com/@porkcutlett/video/6820171642740722950 and https://www.tiktok.com/@chainedartist/video/6732113393928391941 . I can really see you going really well with this DA, making use of the FYP and the # on the TikTok algorithm, best of luck and well done so far.


  2. Hi Taylah! TBH I never played and even heard about Cuphead, but I love your idea so much. The concept of the game and makeup! Oh! wow, that sounds really interesting to me, I had never thought of that. Therefore, I started to search for some information and resources, there’s a bunch of video, pictures and article about the video game and makeup. The article below is talking about why gaming is gaining traction in the beauty space, such as MAC Cosmetics and Tencent mobile game Honor of Kings, or maybe you can briefly talk about why the future of beauty marketing is in a video game. (For your reference)

    Gaming apps get serious about beauty article:

    I also found a cool Cuphead makeup’s tutorial on Youtube
    King Dice Cosplay Makeup tutorial video:

    I’m so looking forward and can’t wait to see your upcoming projects!!

    – Jessie


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