Where is the Media

We live…

The world we live in is not fair and cannot be treated as so. We live in a world that glorifies celebrities, creating them into idols and gods for the Western World. We live in a world where mass genocide in countries in the third world goes unnoticed. We live in a world that justifies white supremacy with world leaders holding the culprit’s hands. We live in an unfair and unjust world.


In light of recent events, it is impossible to ignore the ever-present problems in our society. By reading the first few sentences of this piece you may have had your mind immediately drift to the Christchurch Mosque shootings. This is utterly heartbreaking news for New Zealand, Australia and countries all over the world, but this is only just breaking the surface in the tragedies the world is facing.

Are you Shocked? 

As the news broke on the Christchurch mosque massacre, the world fell silent and watched as the events and details emerged from the media. Many found the news shocking, and for many, it was not. Since before we can remember, people have suffered and been victimised; turning it in a normalised part of life for us all. People are constantly scared for their lives because they are different or have different opinions. I’m talking about Muslims, the LGBTQI+ community, women, men, children, everyone has their fears because everyone feels as though there is a part of them that won’t be accepted by the societies we live in. Australian co-host of the Project, Waleed Aly, comments on this exact notion. We are scared, but no longer shocked, and nothing is being done to satiate our fears.

What we don’t see

As many tragedies the media covers, just like the Christchurch massacre or the bombing in Manchester in 2017, there are many all over the world that go unnoticed. For instance, were you aware of the 6,000 Nigerian Christians that have been murdered in mass genocides from the 1st of January 2018 to July 2018? Many wouldn’t have a single clue, and this is because of the lack of representation for the third world in media. The killings don’t stop there, they have continued from the Fulani militants and since February this year, approximately 120 have been killed. This is just one of the many genocides, murders, bombings and attacks around the world that aren’t being covered by Western media.

The Problem

The first world is so consumed with social media and generally, care more about updates in celebrity lives than the troubles of countries not connected to them. Many developing nations are going through struggles we cannot understand. We cannot understand their problems mainly because they aren’t explained and aren’t showcases in our media. Terrorist attacks are far more present in the world than our leaders and media would like us to know and it’s time we start taking action. The next time you see a celebrity scandal, take a moment to think about what else is going on in the world that we don’t get the opportunity to see, the news that the paparazzi don’t care about. Do your own research because there are reports, they just aren’t popping up in your Facebook notifications or breaking news headlines.

The Solution

As a community, we can make changes as long as we have enough passion and will to make them. So as you are sitting there in front of your phone, laptop, tablet or any smart device, I implore you, take the initiative to stand alongside the people that need it most. Be the voice they cannot be. All it takes is for a few more people to start noticing and sharing the news that isn’t considered ‘newsworthy’ to create a chain reaction. Don’t let them sit in fear, sit in silence.

stronger toegther

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