Make, Make, Make

It’s that time again to navigate through our Digital Artefacts and tell you what’s been going down. It’s time for reflection and on all the progress we have made over the semester. It’s finally time to showcase our finished products (well sort of).

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 7.56.19 pm

We began the Digital Artefact process with an upload of a hidden artwork that was featured in Live Art Week 2018. This was the start of it all and certainly not the finish. There have been a variety of posts since then and there will be many more in the future. As many of you may already know, this digital artefact had the purpose of showcasing the hidden and not so well-known facilities the university has to offer. But making content for this was a struggle. Don’t get me wrong there are so many places around the uni that could be a part of this project. However, there is a simple problem with a not so simple solution. If these places are hidden, how are we going to find them?

Obviously from the content that we created. we were able to find plenty of places, and there are still more to come, but it was not an easy task. This was not the only problem. Our main issue was losing the content we had already produced a few weeks into the making process. All the photographs of the places we had already found, were again lost. Other problems we faced were posts that were more focused in a facility that wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing, didn’t do so well, the time the posts went live, and how easily they could be found due to the description put into the posts.

To battle, these problems we started to include a regular posting time of between 6pm-7pm, posts heavily relying on the photography aspect and soon to be included a map in the posts to easier find the hidden facility. We are yet to retake all of the photographs that were lost but hope to do so soon.

Stay tuned to see where we go! 


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