Cyber and the Crime

scam meme

Cybercrime. Many have heard about it and many already know the dangers it imposes. Cybercrime has become the most prevalent crime all over the world. With the various types of cybercrime that are circulating, it is almost impossible to not come across one or more forms in your life. Attacking computer systems, cyber-bullying, illegal/prohibited content, online child sexual abuse materials, identify theft, online trading issues, email spam/phishing and online scams or fraud, all count as types of cybercrime. phishing scam

It is important to know what they are and how you can avoid being caught up in such schemes. If you have an email address, it is very likely you have received an email that looks something like this. Many are smart enough, these days, to look at this phishing scam and delete it straight away, not falling for the scam. However, this isn’t always the case. These scams can be detrimental to your privacy rights. Many scams take your information, leave nasty viruses on your computer and can even take away your money.

Cybercrime is scary and dangerous. It is time that people start paying attention to how it is affecting the economy and many innocents’ lives.

2 thoughts on “Cyber and the Crime

  1. Hey Taylah, I totally agree that cybercrime, cyber bullying etc. are serious business and it’s unfortunate its become so prevalent and even expected in todays world however, the recent legislation against cyber bullying is at least a step in the right direction. Nice use of a classic meme format by the way keep this up!

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  2. To me, the scariest thing about cybercrime is how it can impact those who aren’t educated when it comes to the internet. Of course you and I know that an email such as that one is simply a scam, however people such as older generations, people who don’t speak English and disabled persons may not immediately realise that it is a scam and fall victim. The fact that those doing the cybercrime are more or less targeting the vulnerable makes this kind of crime just a little worse than say physically violent crime. Good use of both the meme to capture attention and the email example to properly describe what you are talking about. Well done!


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