The Prototype

Content, Content, Content

Creating an idea is so much easier than seeing the follow through.  Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 5.23.21 pmWhen I started this project, I believed in it heavily, and I still do, however it was brought to my attention that my DA has a lifespan. What I mean by this is that there are only so many ‘hidden treasures’ around campus that I can exploit until I run out. After doing my Pitch this became evident, however, I still liked my idea and decided to continue with my idea until I ran out of content, and when we do eventually run out, we would adapt and slightly change to content that we could post. For the most part, finding content was rather easy as people began telling me places I could go to.


As our project is centralised aScreen Shot 2018-09-28 at 6.42.30 pmround the University of Wollongong, I modelled my aesthetic around the official Instagram pages that the university has running. By doing this I have gained followers due to the official-looking nature of the Instagram. As UOW has a very nature-based campus, many of our shots include nature and various forms of greenery which is perfect for an Instagram platform. The aim with this Instagram is to keep it bright and colourful and make sure it fits in with similar UOW pages in the hopes that the university eventually picks it up to become officially associated with the uni.

The Following 

Finding an audience for this project was simple, as the DA applies to any UOW student and staff. A common way of developing a following is to follow similar accounts and the people that are following them. So by following UOW pages and their followers, I was able to produce follower this way. Another way I gained followers was through the various hashtags that we use on our posts. Every photo has a number of hashtags that stay the same for every post like #wollongong #thisisuow #uow and #uowht, and then speciality hashtags which directly relate to the post. By tagging, liking and commenting on official UOW pages, they have also joined in with following and being constant supporters of the page.

4 thoughts on “The Prototype

  1. I love this idea! I didn’t know we had lockers at uni until I saw your post about them. Do you have a place where followers can submit ideas? I’ve used the ‘ask’ feature on my story for feedback, but you could probably use it for suggestions. I agree with the fact that there are only so many places at uni, and you will run out, but you can always extend to other places in Wollongong? The varying location settings will also help you gain a following, I have found tagging a wide variety of locations on my posts helps reach more people.


  2. I really like this idea, its cool that the other uow pages on Instagram have been supporting you. I have as well run into the issue of dealing with the content that has to be posted. You may not run out of places if you can extend to where students go outside of the uni, maybe? I hope the page keeps getting lots of engagement, keep it up.


  3. Hey! really like the how unique this DA is, havn’t seen many like it. You’re approach to the aesthetic of the account is inspiring, the fact that you modelled it off current UOW run accounts and that actually brought in followers is outstanding and is something I will definitely look at doing as the colour scheme, aesthetic and following of my Instagram page which is a funnel to my NRL blog definitely needs work. With this DA it is not only the content that has a limit, but also the follower base as only Wollongong Uni students will be interested, which does establish a bit of a niche. What would really be cool is the hidden treasures of Wollongong, it will not only help with the lifespan of the project but there are some amazing spots in the Gong that would be a great experience for yourself to explore and your followers to see. 100% would be something I would be interested in following.


  4. This is such a great idea! I really like how unique this DA is. The page’s aesthetic is important and you have travelled above and beyond in terms of delivering a good aesthetic. Your approach to surrounding your Instagram page with nature, particularly within the University highlights that you have used what is around you in an effective way to accommodate to what the audience wishes to see. I do suggest extending to where students visit outside of the University so you do not run out of places. Keep up the great work.


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