Hacking Culture

hack v hack

Hacking. In our current society, it can mean one of two things. Many people with either associate hacking with hardstyle, EDM and Defcon1. Hacking and Gabbering are key to this culture. However, on the other hand, its the computer skill which gains unauthorised access to data via a computer or system.

Hacking is a very common part of our culture, especially infiltrating our pop culture. Hacking first became popular in the 1980’s when it became apart of a movie called War Games. Ever since then, hacking has become increasingly prevalent in our popular culture. Many shows have had their footholds in the hacking industry such as Mr Robot and CSI Cyber. Many crime shows and movies have all introduced the idea of hacking into pop culture, but how has it been portrayed in these entertainment forms.

Typically hacking is not visually appealing and can be considered quite boring, considering it is just line upon lines upon lines of code typed onto a computer screen. What pop culture has been able to accomplish, is to make hacking seem cool and almost fun. However, this can be a problem because hacking is serious business and can get many people into serious trouble. Many people need to take a step back from the shows and movies to really look into what hacking is, and how it has changed lives.


3 thoughts on “Hacking Culture

  1. Hey Taylah, first of all BRILLIANT gif, the post for nice and informative I liked how you were able to de-romanticise hacking in a way and make people that read this think about what hacking really is and what has become of it. The serious nature of it alone should make people not want to associate with it even slightly, over all brilliant job though keep it up.


  2. Hey Taylah, a great informational post that anyone could understand easily. and it’s crazy how common hacking has become in our culture, I never thought about how all these shows like Mr Robot could be normalising hacking and people aren’t remembering the seriousness of it all. Also love the GIF πŸ™‚

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