Social Network Revolutions



Have you ever looked around you and noticed the technology we have everywhere? This the world we live in today. Technology is everywhere and is inescapable, but does this mean its a bad thing?

With the technology we have access to, people are constantly connected to each other and connected to content and information. This connectivity is power and it’s social media networks that further this power. Social media is addictive, and this is because participation in online forums is addictive.

Social media is an entry point for content creation in its most basic form. Leaving a comment on someone’s post, creating a meme from a viral video. However, it goes much further than this. Social media is an organisation tool, it rallies people together and connects people in a new and exciting way. When was the last time you got a handmade invitation to something? Many cannot remember because it all happens on Facebook.

There are specific roles that social media play in our lives, mobilization, coordination and dissemination and it’s powerful. In many cases, social media has helped revolutions and even started them. It helps to acknowledge the problems in societies that don’t have a light constantly shining down upon them. Being connected by social media gives movements a platform of power.


One thought on “Social Network Revolutions

  1. Hey Taylah, I believe that this post has been really well worded and the idea that social media provides such unity and organisation between thousands of strangers may just be the reason it was created in the first place, or at least I believe it was. The gif you created really exemplifies what you’re trying to say in this post and I believe it really worked. Keep it up!


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