Mass Broadcasting: The Evolution of Journalism

The emergence of new technologies in this century has changed the way journalism is portrayed and how it is defined. With these technologies, mass broadcasting has become more prevalent in our society. This has taken the centralised network of traditional news formats and turned it into a new distributed network.

With the development of iPhones and other smart devices, it is so easy to capture content and broadcast it to the world via various social media outlets. The internet has allowed individual and mass communication creating an information avalanche. Drones, in particular, have become a vital technology in a mass broadcasting world. Drone footage can now be considered journalismĀ and it provides consumers with more content and more information.

What this Youtube video exemplifies, is the change from consumers to prosumers. Consumers now have the ability to add to information loops with their own technologies and their own stories. This evolution has been so important for journalism and debunking the theory that traditional news sources are always right.

One thought on “Mass Broadcasting: The Evolution of Journalism

  1. Hey Taylah, I really agree that traditional Journalism is in a really hard place due to the rise of smart devices and drones especially. I thought the use of the video was really effective in getting across your ideas and information about how journalism is limited to just one or several source instead its now based literally in every single persons hand or pocket.


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