The Internet and its Feudalism

Feudalism. It is a concept of a social system dating back to middle ages where the nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals. The feudal lord controlled all aspects of the land use and the peasants were categorised as free, however, for many that did not seem the case.

glitch freudalism

Many would then assume that in today’s internet society, this system would have been eradicated, although, that may not be the case. An article posted by ‘The Conversation’ goes into further detail about the return to feudalism via the internet and how it is currently affecting people. The internet is typically a distributed network where each node can broadcast to the entire network. The creation of certain apps like Facebook, the Apple App store, Google Play, Amazon have taken away certain freedoms that the internet allows and thus only showcases curated content and this content is directly tied to the platform from which it came.

One thought on “The Internet and its Feudalism

  1. Hey Taylah, loved the use of the gif in the context of the historical meaning of the word “feudalism” however, it might pay to expand a little more on the idea you’re blogging about but otherwise it was a really informative post!


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