Internationalising Higher Education

Addressing the Mental Health Concerns of International Students

Mori, S 2000, ‘Addressing the Mental Health Concerns of International Students’, Journal of Counselling and Development, vol 78, pp, 137-144

Mori’s article, as stated in the title, addresses the many mental health concerns that international students face in their daily lives. This journal article aims to showcase the struggles that international students face when they enter a new country for their higher education. This article is effective in the ways that it demonstrates the strains on the lives of international students and the impacts the adjustments have on their daily lives. On the other hand, the research is focused towards International students that are based in America, which is known for the lack of support for immigrants and anyone travelling from other countries so the data they have collected may not reflect the overall feelings that international students have. I think that this article, in particular, is very helpful when researching and discussing internationalising higher education. It showcases the problems that higher education still has when considering education on a globalised scale.

International students are flocking to Australia, but the country’s infrastructure is not ready

Gothe-Snape, J 2018, ‘International students are flocking to Australia, but the country’s infrastructure is not ready’, ABC News, 27 April,<;

Gothe-Snape’s article describes the rate that international students are moving to Australia. ABC News aims to warn the public about how fast we have international students moving to Australia and the changes the public should be made to accommodate for the influx of people coming into the country. What I believe this article does really well is, suggest a variety of ways that Australia can modify its current infrastructure to satisfy the needs off international students and their learning. Another issue this article addresses is how international students are the biggest driver of migration, which increases globalisation. What could be improved within this article is a clearer focus on why international students are choosing Australia for their studies and then opting to stay years later once they finish their degree. This article demonstrates the popularity increase in travelling internationally for their higher education. This indicates that internationalised higher education is, in fact, becoming more important to students and their way of life.

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