Global Film Industries

Flattening Ontologies of Globalization: The Nollywood Case

Marston, S, Woodward, K, Paul Jones III, J 2007, ‘Flattening Ontologies of Globalization: The Nollywood Case’, Globalisations, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 45-66

The works of Marston, Woodward and Paul Jones establish their theories about globalisation and illustrate their position in the frame of the Nollywood cases. The journal article proposes to critically evaluate theories that have underwritten the notions of globalisation and prove this through examples such as the Nigerian film industry. This article accurately analyses the influence of global filmmaking and emphasises its connections with a globalised world. It is the first step in considering and understanding the multiple political implications of the ontologies that the article implies. What this article lacks is the deeper analysis into individual Nollywood films and the tropes and conventions that they convey and how it relates to globalisation. I believe that when researching the significance of global filmmaking, this article will be extremely helpful in presenting an argument that proves its significance in a globalised world.

Korea’s booming film industry and what it means for Australian cinema

Byrnes, P 2016, ‘Korea’s booming film industry and what it means for Australian cinema’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August, <;

The Sydney Morning Herald comments on the Korean film industry, in this news article, and what the implications will be for Australian cinema. Byrnes aim of this article is to educate the Australian public on the lessons that can be learned from Korean films. This article explores the reasons to which Korean movies are becoming so popular in not only Korea but in Australia and many other countries as well. It states in the article the tropes and conventions that make Korean cinema so appealing to a variety of people and it comes down to the fact that it is new, exciting and many people are still trying to figure out how to respond to the audacity and extremism that many of the films portray. The limitations of this article, however, could be the lack of visual material. As it is not an ‘academic source’ it can allow for more visuals to enhance the point that the author is trying to convey. This article by the Sydney Morning Herald explores some really interesting points about the Korean film industry and develops readers understanding of its significance and why many people are becoming invested in such films.

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