Amateur Hour

WordpressWhat are the most wonderful parts of the internet? Is it the freedom that it allows? Is it the endless hours of entertainment that can be provided by the endless clips of Youtube and every social media app? Or maybe it is the creative aspect that became available?

The development of the internet has brought many things, especially the development of amateur publishing. For example, this blog post. I am not a hired journalist/blogger. I do not make money off of any blog post I publish on this website. The article ‘Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing’ further emphasises this idea of amateur publishing and amateur content creation. With the growth of non-professional publishing comes an abundance of opinions and information on a variety of topics and issues. Not only does this enable a platform a new brand of creativity but also provides niche entertainment for niche audiences, helping the population feel incorporated into internet paradigm.



One thought on “Amateur Hour

  1. Hey Taylah, I think you’ve really nailed the idea of amateur writers and bloggers really well and the impact they have on the public sphere with millions of opinions all being thrown around and discussed. I love the incorporation of memes into your writing, it supplements what you’re saying really effectively, keep that up!


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