It’s a Process

When coming into this subject, I already knew what a digital artefact was and how to wrap my head around the workload. This information came from BCM112 (Emergent Media) and had previously created a DA in this subject.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 11.26.19 am

I was faced with the question, did I want to continue my artefact from last semester or start new? This question was easy for me to answer as I had figured out how much I actually disliked my idea from the semester before. Tutors and Lecturers encourage you to do a project that you are passionate and interested in. However, it is easier said than done. My passions are music and so I centralised my Artefact around that, soon, however, it became a chore and I became disinterested in my main passion for a quite a while.

uow gif

This is the reason that when it came to completing a DA this semester,  I wanted something that I could easily complete, utilising my surroundings and my time. Ultimately this is what sparked the idea of UOW Hidden Treasures. The concept behind this project was to try and showcase the most underrated features of UOW that many students are unaware of. At our uni, we have so many facilities that aren’t being used and aren’t being talked about which we are paying to use.

So far me and my partner Ruby have gone around the University and taken heaps of photos of places and things that we believe are treasures we want to be shared. We are currently planning on posting content twice a week and trying a variety of ways to generate engagement.

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One thought on “It’s a Process

  1. Hey Taylah,
    I really like your idea to showcase some of the lesser seen parts of UOW, it may help to generate views and visits by using paid promotions, it can really boost your followers and views if you don’t mind spending the money just food for thought though keep it up!


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