Society and its Network

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As I showcased in my previous blog post, the evolution of the internet has been so important to the society that we live in today. I pose a question, where would we be now without the evolution of these technologies?

The society we are currently living in is completely reliant on the technology that we have today. We don’t go a few minutes without being on the internet in some form. As of right now, reading this, you are using the internet, the cyberspace. Checking your phone for a snapchat, you online. Making your presence known.

John Perry Barlow writes on the independence and governance of cyberspace and its paramount nature to society. Today’s society utilises the internet in such a way where we build relationships, create transactions, and use it to express our freedoms. Though many people may not fully understand their actions in cyberspace, it doesn’t mean that those actions aren’t noticed and significant.

2 thoughts on “Society and its Network

  1. Hey Taylah, I completely agree that every individual is using the internet in some way, shape or form every single day and you pushed this point across really well in this post. An interesting point you may like to add is that people use the internet for more than just building relationships they create communities around a subject.


  2. Hi! I thought this was a good brainstorming post. It was nice to hear that you don’t think that people being connected is such a dire and bad thing, however I don’t agree that society is “completely reliant on the technology”. Yes it is a huge factor of our everyday lives but I think that it is more of an accessory to our surroundings that can be enhancing that is sometimes relied on more than it needs to sometimes. I enjoyed hearing your opinions on this topic and can’t wait to see whats coming up!!


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