It’s a Flow

How do online networking and online transactions thrive in our community? What is it that makes this possible? It is information flows. Referring again to the evolution of the internet, cyberspace has allowed information to be free and easily accessible wherever you are in the world. Allowing networking sites to prosper in our society.


With the development of this, it has affected our work lifestyle and what now classifies as a typical nine to five day. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets have made it virtually impossible for us to escape the online world, meaning we are constantly connected. Gregg furthers this idea in his journal article‘Function Creep: Communication technologies and anticipatory labour in the information workplace’. Although technology has opened up a number of positive opportunities, Gregg also touches on the negatives and how technology has put extra pressures on work and home life. 



3 thoughts on “It’s a Flow

  1. Firstly I have to say I love your blog aesthetically, I may have to steal your theme.

    As great as it is that we’re all connected, it also makes it hard for us to focus on our own lives. I find even when I’m not at work, I’m messaging my boss about future projects, when I could just write them down and tell him when I’m in next. This constant connection has now lead to 1/3 of Australians working from home, some love it but some hate it, I guess it comes down to the individual themselves.


  2. Hi Taylah, loved the post especially the GIF! I thought it was a nice touch. You are so right about how the development of cyberspace has shifted the traditional work lifestyle. We are constantly surrounded by technology and sometimes it does feel like it never stops, especially for those with jobs that involve being constantly in touch with their work e.g emails, phone calls etc. There is definitely an added stress that accompanies being constantly connected to the online world, yet there is also a multitude of benefits that come from this technological shift. Keep up the good work!


  3. I think its so accurate what you say about us now being constantly connected having an impact on our daily lives. Being connected means that we are always in contact with others in some way, but it also means that we might neglect that which is right in front of us. While there are obviously a lot of positives to the development of liquid labour and integrated networks, there are also a lot of negatives which I think it is important to address more in daily life.
    I also really love the connection between your post title and your gif; the aesthetic ‘flow’ of the gif encapsulates the point I think you were going for with both your title and your post.


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