It Started with a Dot and Dash

My remediation for this weeks topic aims to showcase the transformation of the internet over the ages. From the earliest starting point of the telegraph to the cyberspace and internet-saturated world we live in today.

So many inventions, developments and alterations have aided in the rise of the internet and the world wide web. However, it is important to know where it all started and how we have entered the world that we are in today.

As many may or may not know, it all started with the telegraph. The entire world that we currently know started with the language of the dot and the dash. Samuel Morse predicted his invention would take the world by storm and make change what everyone currently knows.

“This mode of instantaneous communication must inevitably become an instrument of immense power, to be wielded for good or for evil, as it shall be properly or improperly directed.” – Samuel Morse


3 thoughts on “It Started with a Dot and Dash

  1. I found this article really interesting, as it further discusses why the printing press and telegraph were as impactful as the internet has become for our society today. In particular, it mentions a quote by Henry Ford in relation to life before cars – “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses“ – which as the article states, can be equally applied to how people would have felt about their method of communication.

    It’s crazy how far technology has come and it’s hard to imagine a world without it, and to think something so simple and mundane to us, could have been so foreign and unknown.

    Your remediation for this week was a really clever way of showcasing the evolution of technology, and implementing sounds of the future.

    I wonder how future technology will impact our society, as it’s hard to imagine what could be next.

    Maybe to improve this could be a subject to touch on. Just to hear your thoughts on the matter, and maybe where you believe we as a society will be in the years to come, in relation to technological advancements. This article discusses those ideas further, looking at predictions of where the internet will be in 15 years.


  2. When thinking about the development of technology over the years, I doubt that many people would automatically think of these noises. But when you put them all into one single piece of media, it does make a lot of sense. The changes to the noises that we associate with technology are such a somewhat irrelevant thing, but they actually have a lot of meaning.
    This article ( is interesting as it addresses the development of technology, but from more of a business perspective, something which I don’t think is always considered.


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