More to the World

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Have you ever really looked at what goes into creating a whole new universe or at least extension of the world you already know?

This is exactly what transmedia does every day. There are so many examples of transmedia in our society that everyone (who isn’t living under a rock) knows about. Star Wars, The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and so many more.

With so many entry points into these new and exciting worlds, it is hard for us as an audience not to be drawn in by at least one part of the variety of media’s. Both traditional and digital media types can be the source of entry for a world just as magical as Harry Potter. You would think that with so many ways to set foot into these worlds, that they would lose their appeal, their magic. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only does transmedia add ways to become apart of the world, it enhances the magic behind them.

One thought on “More to the World

  1. As you’ve said in your blog, both traditional and digital media can be a source of entry for discovering the world beyond Harry Potter. Although many originally became engaged through J.K.Rowling’s beautifully written books, the transition to digital media continues the story for fans. Not just through the movies but through games, musicals and websites like you’ve included in your remediation. There’s a video i found on Vimeo further summarising the transmedia storytelling and collaboration in regards to Harry Potter, definitely worth a watch 🙂


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