It’s Mine Now

Copywrite. We all know (or at least should) what it is. However, in the era we currently belong to, remix culture is so prevalent in the online community.  One of the big questions that have been proposed in the past few years is, how do we protect copywrite in a digital age?

It is a question that I cannot personally answer, especially when it is so simple to cut, copy and paste. Remix culture is turning copywrite upside down and it showcases that anything can be remixed.

One of the biggest meme phenomena of the past few years has been the mii channel music we all loved and hated as a child when playing on our Nintendo Wii. This music is and their concepts are in fact copyrighted, however, this could not stop me from chucking some music clips together and making it mine.

But is this really mine now? This is exactly the problem we now face in a digital world. It may seem like my own artistic creation but it’s really a cheap knock-off of an original masterpiece (if you can call Wii music a masterpiece that is)

One thought on “It’s Mine Now

  1. I both love and hate your remediation, because I am now going to have those tunes stuck in my head for days!
    I really like that you acknowledged the fact that it is really hard to protect copyright in the digital age. After some quick google searches, I found SO MANY Wii music remixes (all different to yours obviously) but I found it interesting that something that is supposedly protected by copyright is so, so easy to edit and make your own. I also found this forum that talks about how videos have been removed from youtube for simply having the theme music of a game in the video whilst someone is playing it. It makes me wonder how remixes such as your own are okay but actual video game content is restricted. I’d love to know your thoughts!


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