It’s An All Out War

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What is a meme? But more importantly what is memetic warfare? It is a phrase you may or may not have heard in the media in the past few years, as the rise of social media has come into play.

In an article by the Motherboard describes, “Memes appear to function like the IEDs of information warfare. They are natural tools of an insurgency; great for blowing things up, but likely to sabotage the desired effects when handled by the larger actor in an asymmetric conflict.”.

 To shine a different light on this term, bringing it to reality, memes can be twisted and used to specifically target and harm others. There are many examples of this in the world, especially in the case of Hilary Clinton’s ad campaigns which were warped and circulated on social media platforms.

Memes, as much as they are fun and are all around us, they are powerful and can be the difference in making it or breaking it.

One thought on “It’s An All Out War

  1. I really like that you outlined what exactly memetic warfare is to begin with, because it is both a term and idea that can be quite confusing from experience. I think it’s really important to address the fact that memes can essentially be used as propaganda by all sides of a debate.
    Case in point, the 2016 US Election. I think this article outlines the danger of memes in a really good way, give it a read if you’re feeling it!


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