Time to Work Together

It takes a combined effort to make something go viral. That is one of the many beautiful things about the internet. For this week’s remediation of the topic, I wanted to focus on the ideas of collective intelligence.

To truly understand what collective intelligence is, you can use the internet as a perfect example. The use of social media allows a community to grow and collaborate on ideas, projects and so much more. The definition originated from a French cybertheorist, Pierre Levy and he states, “It is a form of universally distributed intelligence, constantly enhanced, coordinated in real time, and resulting in the effective mobilization of skills…”.


But what does the many brains and arrows portray? It may seem bizarre and unrelated but they represent a group of people connecting with each other, sharing their knowledge with one another, combining their skills to create something new. In a digital age, collective intelligence is essential in content creation and remediation.

One thought on “Time to Work Together

  1. I love your remediation, it definitely highlights the concept of collective intelligence and the importance of it. All the different types of brains surrounding the central point is a great way of representing the knowledge of different people being collectively used to come up with solutions


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