More Than the Eye Can See



Artworks by Paweł Kuczyński


There is so much more to the simplicities of life than what the majority of us actually take the time to see. This exact concept becomes present in so many media types and especially art. Semiotics, the science of signs, is a media theory which explains how audiences interpret meaning in pieces of media. It works as simply through encoding and decoding a message which is explained further in the encoding and decoding model. In conjunction with encoding and decoding, media theorist Saussure has used the signified and the signifier to further explain the way we interpret media.

What a Picture is Worth

I have sourced a number of satirical artworks from the artist Paweł Kuczyński which showcase so much more meaning than what you originally see. Kuczyński’s work accurately represents the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, by layering a multitude of meanings to all of his works. His works aim to make a statement and to shock the public, forcing them to think about the world they live in.

Take the Time

Many do not take the time to be really influenced by artwork and to figure out their deeper meanings. When I first came across this series of images I thought nothing much of them until I really looked at them to try and decipher what the artist was trying to tell me. The artwork that stood out to me the most was the grandfather clock in the graveyard.

At a glance, the unique artwork looks like as though a grandfather clock stands idly by a grave that is half dug. But what is it really trying to say? In simple terms, the artwork is trying to portray how time is eating away at our lives. Time is the one constant in our lives and it is the reason we age and why (without trying to seem morbid) we die.

Anyone can find their own meanings in Kuczyński’s artworks and that is why his art is so influential. The grandfather clock artwork is thought-provoking and represents how fickle life can be. What I gain from this piece, is to spend your time wisely on this earth. It is all good and well to work, eat, sleep, repeat, but everyone should know that this is not truly living your life to the fullest. What I gain from this artwork is different to what someone else may take away, but that is the beauty of art. It influences us all in different and similar ways.


2 thoughts on “More Than the Eye Can See

  1. I really like how you’ve separated each section of your post, it makes it super easy to read and understand. You mentioned semiotics in your first paragraph, I’ve found this website ( which goes into more depth about the origin of the ‘science’. In regard to the actual artworks, I’d never heard of Pawel Kuczynski, and after going through his artwork I can see why you picked him, good choice. I also really like how you included other images as well as the main image you analysed, it gave me a good starting platform to explore more of his artwork.

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  2. This Blog is Extremely well written; clear to read and the setup is easy to navigate. I enjoyed reading what your depiction of the grandfather clock in the grave yard represents, I agree wholeheartedly with you on the fact that its represents that “time is eating away at our lives”. The one thing that I would suggest is perhaps repeating the grandfather Clock image at the bottom of the post or underneath the first paragraph of that section to put the image back in the readier mind as you describe it.

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