Teach Me How to Aesthetic

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Digital a e s t h e t i c

Everyone knows what aesthetic is. Not only do we know what aesthetic is but everyone also has their own unique take on what it includes. Anything we have ever watched, passively consumed or even actively produced has influenced our aesthetics.

A question I pose to you is this if everyone has their own unique aesthetic, how do so many of us agree on what is aesthetic and what isn’t? I myself do not have the answer but by definition, aesthetic is concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Traditionally, fine art and the sublimity of nature was classified aesthetic and now in the digital age, this concept has dramatically changed.

Digital Aesthetic has revolutionised the classical ideas the world used to know. Anything can now be classified beautiful. Through glitching and remixing, a whole new aesthetic has taken the world by storm. Like I said in my previous post Tell Me the Message, it is incredibly easy to make your own media and perhaps become a part of the digital aesthetic movement yourself.

Go out there and create something aesthetic. Glitch it, remix it, just do it

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3 thoughts on “Teach Me How to Aesthetic

  1. Interesting points made! While these GIFs aren’t my ‘aesthetic’ per se they are definitely incorporating common themes associated with aestheticism! I think your blog would benefit greatly from a few links to allow others to expand on the ideas you pose and do further research. Check out this great page that talks all about aesthetic, memes, glitching etc. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/aesthetic


  2. I completely agree on your point on everyone having a unique aesthetic. Although I don’t have an answer to the question either, I think that media definitely does have an impact on an individuals aesthetic. Furthermore, I believe aesthetic is such a broad spectrum, something as simple as being a fan of a popular artist or a social media influence can completely change the way people create digital media.

    Your post was very thought provoking and I hope that I will be able to create something with that much aesthetic soon! Great job!


  3. Absolutely adore your use of glitch animations and gifs throughout the post, definitely has an aesthetically pleasing appeal to it which is vital for any platform on the internet, the only critique I can give this post is perhaps more insight and an example of your own perhaps to really amp up the content of the blog, other than that loved it!


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