Tell Me the Message


“The medium is the message, the medium is the message, the medium is the message”

Hey guys, do you think that maybe, just maybe, the medium is the message? A concept brought to life by the man himself, Marshall McLuhan, but what in the world does it mean?photomosh

In the simplest form, whatever medium a piece of media is produced in, is a message in itself, in conjunction with what the piece of media is trying to portray. This concept goes so much further and has a much more influential meaning than what I have stated. This message has influenced the entire media world and now our BCM112 class.

But I’m really not here to recap the trippy lecture that my class went through, oh no, I’m here to show you my perception of the topic. Above, you can see a GIF that I made with a photo I took and edited. It may look somewhat impressive but in reality, it took me maybe a total of 10 minutes for the entire process.

It goes to show how quickly media can be produced. I think what I really trying to say here though is, look at our world. Look how quickly it is changing and how influenced by media it has become.

Don’t be scared of it. Embrace it. Make it a GIF. Make it a meme. Don’t just sit there and consume, actively make, use and produce.


3 thoughts on “Tell Me the Message

  1. An interesting look at ‘The medium is the message’ in it’s simplest form. I like the use of your own gif as an example of how simple it is to create media. The invitation to the readers to go out and make their own media is refreshing. Small improvements could be made by fully proof reading before posting (only some small typos, don’t stress, we all suffer from typos) and maybe linking to some relevant articles throughout the post. Overall a really nice, succinct post, keep it up!


  2. You explain the theory of, ‘The medium is the message’, in a really simplistic way that is easy to understand. I think this quality of writing is helpful, considering the complicated nature of the subject. I like your idea of media being able to be produced quickly and efficiently in order to create meaning or a message. It makes the topic more relatable, furthering the audiences understanding. I think your post could have benefited from a further example or more information, and a closer proof-read. I wish there was more of your concise writing technique!


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