The Journey Begins

Hey! My name is Taylah Ide-Miller and I am a student at the University of Wollongong, studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media majoring in Digital and Social Media.


I am born and bred in the North West of Sydney but am in all technical aspects of life a country girl. In saying that, this means that, yes, I indeed have a Cow (her name is Matilda) and also a Goat (her name is Heidi. Matilda and Heidi are best friends). From moving to a little rural area to a beachside city was such a massive change of pace but I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I wasn’t here.


From the design of my blog so far, you may come to think that my favourite colour may be blue. You would definitely be right. Previously this blog was themed in everything and anything yellow, however, I wanted to make this blog more me and more professional looking. After all, I can use this as a portfolio of my work for many years to come.


I’m here because I belong to all and anything creative. Creativity is the key to having the world around us constantly flowing with a supply of entertainment and wonder and art. My life (so far at least) has revolved around the wonderful works of Drama, Music, Art and Creative Writing. I’ve done every and all musicals my school produced, performed in assembly every week and most importantly (definitely not), was voted “Drama Queen 2017” on our school Scavenger Hunt night.


I want this blog to pursue positivity and acceptance of everyone’s opinions, where in this world we often come across the opposite. Whatever happens this semester, this year and for the next couple years, they are going to be a journey. We will explore what it is like be living away from home, having to cook a decent meal every night and the meaning of independence. The next couple weeks are going to be a bit of a bumpy start and things will be messy. It is inevitable. None of us knows how this will all turn out but it WILL be exciting and an experience that no one should miss out on.

Feel free to follow me on twitter for some great memes and all the happiness you can find x @_taylahjane_

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu


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